28 May 2008

Wed 2008-05-28 Oss, NL Free


Time : 20:30
Venue : Popkollektief Jamsessie, Cultuurpodium Groene Engel
Address : Kruisstraat 15
Zip : 5341 HA
Contact Website : http://www.groene-engel.nl/

MySon start: 20:30

Other bands:

  • Jamsession

At this show were two guests on stage:

  • Alastair George
  • Niels Kolman

Alastair played guitar on Ha Ha Ha (Flipper cover), while John and Raymon both played bass.
Alastair played guitar and Niels played drums on The Lights, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise (Flipper cover).
The fact that Niels played at all was completely improvised.
John asked if there were any drummers present, looking for a fixed drummer. Niels came up, saying that he would like to play drums now, so he took to the drumseat.