27 September 2008

Sat 2008-09-27 Beugen, NL Free


Time : 19:30
Venue : Dennepop
Address : Molenveldweg 7
Zip : 5835 CM

MySon start: 20:30

Other bands:

  • Olaf de Vaan (NL) – 22:00
  • Ramon Doomernik (NL) – 23:00
  • De Annoek&Ilse-Band (NL) – 00:15
  • Tanya (NL) – 01:00
  • Jamsession – 02:00

Halfway through Knowwhere, the police arrived and said they couldn’t play this loud.
However it wasn’t really possible to just turn everything down, and still get a decent mix, so they decided to just stop the show right there.
After various shouts from the audience to play another song, they decided to play Ha Ha Ha as the setcloser (while already having turned pretty much everything down.
When they were told to play even softer, John just decided to stop playing his guitar and only sing.

There was supposed to be a second show at the same location on 2009-09-19, but this was cancelled by the organisation.