27 August 2016

Sat 2016-08-27 Heeswijk-Dinther, NL


Time : 14:00
Venue : Woodkots, Haatbaard Stage
Address : Heide 2
Zip : 5473 TB
Contact Website : http://woodkots.com/

MySon start: 16:00

Other bands:

  • Teuk McCraig (NL)
  • Mulch (NL)
  • Gaping Moles
  • Various bands

The organisation of the festival wants to keep the location a secret until the day before the show. Sign up on the Woodkots website to receive a message with the location at that time.
The location has been announced as Heide 2, Heeswijk-Dinther. There is no way to park your car there. You can park at Meerstraat 47, Heeswijk-Dinther.

The fee includes unlimited softdrinks, been and wine, served in a cup that you get when you enter the festival. See the Woodkots Facebook Event for details.

You are obligated to sign up either by using their facebook event, or by using their website.

The show was troubled with lots of technical problems.
At the start of the show the PA and monitors didn’t give any sound. Eventually the soundmen were able to get it to work. However towards the end of The Middle Of Everywhere the PA and the monitors cut out again. The PA did come back, but the monitors stopped working for the rest of the show.
John tried to use one of the PA speakers as a monitor, but it just wasn’t working.
From the second stage Hans Jacobs called out that he would play drums, so he did from that stage and Hans and John played a (jammy version of) Personal Attributes that way.
At the end Harm van Mil came on stage to play drums on Fizzy Lynny.
Both of them had never played these songs.