13 March 2010

Sat 2010-03-13 Göppingen, DE


Venue : GiveMeNoise!!! Festival, Krypta, Chapel im Stauferpark
Address : Karl-Ehmann-Straße 29
Zip : 73037
Contact Website : https://myspace.com/givemenoisefestival

MySon start: 21:00

Other bands:

  • Viole(n)t Bullfrog (DE) – 20:15
  • Hidden By The Grapes (AT) – 22:15
  • The Chocolate (FR) – 23:15
  • Pandora (BE) – 00:30

Marius quit the band just 10 days before this gig.
However Raymon and John really wanted to play it, so they asked Johan if he was willing to help out one more time.
Johan agreed and they did a quick couple of rehearsals before playing this show.

This was the first show MySon played outside of The Netherlands. There has been two shows planned in Sheffield, UK on 2009-10-08 and 2009-10-29, but these were cancelled by the venue.