Well, long story short: for some time now I have been the band… And because I think I will need some time to get MySon back on the road again, MySon is officially on hiatus.

Well I have really been procastinating posting this message… I should’ve posted this like 8 months ago (and I would’ve posted this like 30 minutes ago, if the database didn’t give an error on the submit and I lost 30 minutes of typing…), but yeah, since the world didn’t end roughly a week ago there is still some point in posting this now.

So, on 19 April (2012) Olaf send me a message, and that was the last I would hear from him for quite some time. Now in this message he didn’t explicitely say that he was quitting the band, but it didn’t leave much room for any other conclusion. Because we hadn’t yet found a replacement for Raymon, from April 19th onwards I have been the band…

Because all of the personnel changes in the history of the band and the fact that each change meant another period of teaching the old songs to the new member to get back on stage, we’ve really only written a handful of songs. So pretty much MySon has been at the standstill for quite some time. Needless to say this hasn’t really been motivating. So with me alone in the band I have decided to take some time off, to reformulate MySon and figure out what to do next. So in July (after playing the, previously booked, Uprising Festival solo) I cancelled the rent to our rehearsal space and in August I cancelled the band’s bankaccount.
Now don’t think that this spells the end for MySon. I have got some plans in my head right now, but these plans will need some time. So yeah, I guess you could say MySon has been “on hiatus” now for some time, and it will stay so as well. However I am working on getting MySon back full swing ASAP!

Until that time, please bear with me,


Ps. There was more that I wrote the first time round, but I really don’t recall everything of it anymore 🙁