We have just recorded a new song for a tribute album to The Naked Dolls, and we’ve just put it online!
Next to that we’ve also added a set of earplugs to our merchandise inventory!

Hello to everybody reading this!

As you may have noticed Adje has left us some time ago, but we didn’t let us slow that down. We’ve been asked to contribute a track to a tribute album to the French band The Naked Dolls (http://www.myspace.com/thenakeddolls), and we decided to cover the song ‘Break The Chains’ for that.

We have recorded it last week with Daniël Smits (former 9-2-5 Culture, Sonic Cholo) on drums, and it turned out really good. We are really glad Daniël wanted to help us out with this, and there are plans to record some more songs together with him (this time our own songs).

Well and for your listening pleasure, we have decided to upload the version of Break The Chains which we have send in for the compilation. This is easily the best recording (and best sounding one as well) that we’ve ever done. And as you are used of us, this is again done completely DIY, in our rehearsal space.
You can hear it on our MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/mysonband) or on our website (below).

And I would also like to point out another little thing we’ve done: we’ve expanded our merchandise with several items. We’ve added some buttons, some more stickers, but coolest of all, we’ve added a set of earplugs to our arsenal! Check them out on our website here

Well let us know what you think of both these new additions!

Take care,